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    Consultancy for Industry (telecom,IT,utility, building sector etc)

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  • Repair Services

    Repair of power electronic equipment of any brand

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  • Smart-Building solutions

    KNX worldwide standard for home and building control

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  • Fronius Service Partner

    Fronius inverter installation, commissioning and service

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  • Household Solar Systems

    Mini solar power plants up to 50kW

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    outdoor battery cabinets

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    Northstar lead acid batteries

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Fronius Service Partner

Read more: Fronius Service Partner

Fronius Service Partner

Read more: Fronius Service PartnerOur company has participitated to a service training focused on Fronius SnapINverters transformerless inverters for household applications and obtained the certification for the Fronius Service Partner program.






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Engineering Consultancy:

With more than 25 years experience gathered in powering Telecom, IT, industrial customers we offer:

– Energy savings/optimization consultancy in telecom/datacom sites, industrial manufacturing plants

– Telecom infrastructure project management, consultancy (fixed and mobile networks 3G,4G):

  • 48V/24V DC equipment,
  • Batteries, AC/DC distribution,
  • Inverters, UPSs,
  • Earthing,
  • High Precision Air Conditioning (HPAC),
  • Energy Management/Savings, Shelter/Outdoor Solutions etc

- Datacenter infrastructure project management, consultancy

  • 400V/230VAC UPS, DC UPS
  • Batteries,
  • AC distribution,
  • High Precision Air Conditioning (HPAC),

- Energy Management/Savings Shelter/Outdoor Solutions project management, consultancy etc

- Powering industrial plants (from HV to LV), Feeding Critical loads, Industrial UPS solutions project management and consultancy

- Smart-Grid project management and consultancy

  • E-mobility,
  • Renewable Power generation (Solar PV, Wind etc)
  • Battery Energy Storage solutions for renewable energy grid integration

- Building automation design, installation and commissioning: KNX systems etc


Repair Services

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  • Published: Tuesday, 01 October 2013 07:01
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Protect the Environment!

Prolong your equipment life-time by repair and preventive maintenance!

No matter how good equipment you have it is not better than its power supply!

Location and Repair Environment

The repair activities are performed in a location totally refurbished in a size of 300+350sqm. The building is situated in an industrial area having all necessary utility capacity needed for testing, repairing and complies to the strict requirements of electrostatic discharge (ESD) in testing, repairing of sensitive electronical equipment.


Read more: Repair Services Read more: Repair Services Read more: Repair Services

The floor is antistatic ensuring a proper and safe environment for repair. Floor is marked with yellow stripes to separate and protect the working environment. The workplaces are equipped with a multitude of test equipment instruments: reference power sources, digital multi-meters, signal generators digital oscilloscopes etc. The equipment to be repaired is carried with multi-shelf trolleys from one workplace to another. Repair components are kept in well order in labelled component shelves.


Read more: Repair Services Read more: Repair Services Read more: Repair Services
Read more: Repair Services Read more: Repair Services Read more: Repair Services


The repair facility is equipped with professional burn-in, automatic testing equipment for volume test, and with climate/burn-in chamber for long term heat tests or fixing sealing glue on board.

Read more: Repair Services Read more: Repair Services Read more: Repair Services
Read more: Repair Services Read more: Repair Services Read more: Repair Services

Recycling is being taken care of by a selective dismantling of electronical boards.

Read more: Repair Services

Read more: Repair Services

Type of Equipment Repaired


  • Telecommunication, IT power supplies, rectifiers (50W-12kW) all brands
  • DC-DC converters all brands
  • Inverters all brands
  • UPS repair (up to transportable size) all brands
  • Other electronic equipment repair (subject of documentation-test equipment availability)

Repair Process Download document -

Repair capacity -  >300 units per week