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Outdoor enclosures

  • Category: Products
  • Published: Friday, 29 November 2013 05:25
  • Written by Administrator
  • Hits: 81729

SiteStarTM - A cost-effective and energy-efficient battery cabinet

Battery performance is strongly affected by environment temperatures. Every 10°C increase from the ideal operating temperature of 20°C halves the life of a battery. So at 40°C, a battery that should last 10 years can last only 2.5 years. This drives up replacement costs and severely increases the impact on the environment.

SiteStar cabinets will extend your battery life and save energy

SiteStar™ cabinets are designed for both indoor and outdoor environments, with a unique combination of low thermal conductive materials and a high-efficiency climate solution. With an extremely cost-effective cooling technology and a cabinet shell that allows minimal transfer of temperatures, your batteries are kept at optimal operating temperature, with the energy usage equivalent to a single light bulb. This means the SiteStar™ cabinets offer up to 95% power savings compared to air-conditioned cabinets.

Download Brochure SiteStar Small outdoor cabinet (EN) SiteStar Small
  SiteStar Tall outdoor cabinet (EN) SiteStar Small


New SiteStar™ HiCap 2-2 

The new SiteStar™ HiCap 2-2 is the first outdoor cabinet in the telecom industry to feature two separate climate zones with individual compressor systems: one for batteries and one for DC power systems or other electronics. The separate climate zones ensure optimal operating temperatures for sensitive electronic equipment, even in high ambient temperatures, without wasting energy on unnecessary cooling.  

Download Brochure SiteStar HiCap 2.2 outdoor cabinet (EN) SiteStar Small