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Solar Power Plants

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Household Solar Power Plants up to 50kW

Would you like to reduce your electricity costs and reduce carbon footprint at the same time?

We offer complete household solar power plants built from premium solar panels, premium inverters, AC, DC protection including installation, commissioning and utility approval. Watch our daily production in the reference solar plant:

FramtidEnergy Demo Solar Power Plant.

For more info go to  SzolárErőmű.


About Us

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About FramtidEnergy

FramtidEnergy is a combination of a Swedish word "Framtid " and word English "Energy "  and has the meaning of Future Energy.

By creating this brandname, by using more than 25 years experience in energy infrastructure design, planning, product management, sales&marketing, project management, execution, general management in a multinational environment, and by having a systemic view of energy generation, transmission, distribution and consumption from high voltage down to board level electronic voltages we wanted to emphasize on a very clear vision of activities the company:

  • -to design, deliver smart building solutions by means of worldwide KNX standard;
  • -to maximise electrical energy savings for telecom, IT, industrial customers;
  • -to offer "future" state of the art equipment supporting maximal energy savings;
  • -to create a more sustainable environment by:

-offering complete renewable energy solutions special solar energy

-prologing the lifetime of the equipment with professional repair services.

-by proposing and giving consultancy for Smart-Grid solutions (E-mobility, Renewable generation, Renewable integration with Energy Storage Systems etc)  

Legal Disclaimer

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