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  • Published: Friday, 29 November 2013 10:04
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Engineering Consultancy:

With more than 25 years experience gathered in powering Telecom, IT, industrial customers we offer:

– Energy savings/optimization consultancy in telecom/datacom sites, industrial manufacturing plants

– Telecom infrastructure project management, consultancy (fixed and mobile networks 3G,4G):

  • 48V/24V DC equipment,
  • Batteries, AC/DC distribution,
  • Inverters, UPSs,
  • Earthing,
  • High Precision Air Conditioning (HPAC),
  • Energy Management/Savings, Shelter/Outdoor Solutions etc

- Datacenter infrastructure project management, consultancy

  • 400V/230VAC UPS, DC UPS
  • Batteries,
  • AC distribution,
  • High Precision Air Conditioning (HPAC),

- Energy Management/Savings Shelter/Outdoor Solutions project management, consultancy etc

- Powering industrial plants (from HV to LV), Feeding Critical loads, Industrial UPS solutions project management and consultancy

- Smart-Grid project management and consultancy

  • E-mobility,
  • Renewable Power generation (Solar PV, Wind etc)
  • Battery Energy Storage solutions for renewable energy grid integration

- Building automation design, installation and commissioning: KNX systems etc